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Shark Shock

A genetic line first formed by Mr. Nice Seeds’ Shantibaba in the 1990s, Shark Shock had many names, including Great White Shark and Peacemaker. The root of Shark Shock is White Widow crossed by Skunk # 1. For Skunk No. 1, as one of her family, predict Shark Shock to blend the same elegant odor with the nice light citrus smell. A skunky residue becomes more pronounced upon curing.

Flavor and Effects of Shark Shock

The sweet, skunky, pungent, earthy, fruity, and citrus flavor this strain will induce. Shark Shock starts with an extreme high of mind that transforms one’s mood instantly. As a consequence, you’re feeling happier and getting a sense of joy. For some, one euphoric transforms the intense cerebral high. The physical body high starts to creep in at the end of the emotional high. You are wrapped in a soothing sensation before you even know it, making you feel comfortable. Consumers are unlikely to feel lethargic or stay locked on the sofa given its effectiveness.

 Medical Benefits of Shark Shock

Shark Shock is a decent herb for recreational consumption. Nonetheless, the strain precedes its status as one of the best hybrids ever. This provides tremendous medicinal benefits to those pursuing chronic pain reliefs. As it turns out, one of this hybrid’s most striking features is its anti-inflammatory property which helps to reduce muscle spasm symptoms. Shark Shock is also known to help reduce stress levels in addition to dealing with and treating pain. There is no question that a real shark will increase anybody’s stress levels, but this model reduces it and as a result, helps to control depression. Using Shark Shock might also leave a person tired as its effects continue to fade. That’s why it can be used before one heads to bed at the end of the day. Insomniacs will find this combination helpful to anyone else who wants a good night’s rest.

 Negative Effects of Shark Shock

Anyone who consumes this herb is almost likely to feel dry mouth and eyes. In fact, the severity of its cerebral high’s onset is also known to cause some people to feel dizzy. In rare cases, people prone to anxiety problems may become more anxious As such, using the strain in moderation is safe. A moderate headache has also been identified when used too much.

Growing Shark Shock

Mr. Nice Seed’s Shark Shock is a good choice for growers with almost any level of experience, able to grow indoors and outdoors or in a greenhouse. The strain isn’t very picky, it thrives well when using soil as a medium. Also, hydroponics paired with the Sea of Green (SOG) approach will result in explosive growth to reduce flowering time. Additionally, this brings its best potent in a warm climate.

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Exceptional (9.7)


Excelent (9.5)


Excelent (9.5)


Excelent (9.5)

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