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OG Kush S.FV is one of the top quality strains brought to us by the breeder Advanced Seeds. Many mentioned that this weed is one of the favorites of artists who desire to form or construct a creative body of work as it offers imaginative contemplations with optimistic manifestations.

Flavor and Effects of OG Kush S.F.V

Possessing a unique blend of pine and lemon, there is no doubt that this weed tastes and smells good. This weed presents a strong sedative high, which can get you sluggish and sleepy. Minutes after it will quickly turn into a warm and active push putting your brain in the work-mode. Users mentioned that this strain makes you chatty as well.

Medical Benefits of OG Kush S.F.V

Some medical advantages of this Marijuana include relieving stress and anxiety. Many medical consumers rely on this cannabis to help with nausea and eating disorders.

Negative Effects of OG Kush S.F.V

Regular and frequent smoking of this strain could affect your memory and weaken your cognitive skills. Therefore, you must take this with caution. Mild adverse reactions could be dizziness, headaches, and cottonmouth. On the other hand

Growing OG Kush S.F.V

In growing OG Kush S.F.V, you need to ponder holistically when planning your procedure. Optimize greenhouse space by designing vertical and horizontal growing rooms. Controlling consistent lighting and maintaining a moderate to low temperatures, you can grow healthier flowers.

SOG and SCROG methods are highly recommended for the cultivation of this plant.