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Sexxpot is an indica strain primarily developed to help improve female libido with a high that is as sexy as its name. This is obtained from Mr. Nice genetics, which is said to have aphrodisiac properties. Sexxpot’s story begins in her conceiver’s home, which was influenced by the enticing qualities of the stash of her partner. Sexxpot flowers are not very eye-catching, with tiny buds stuck in compact, popcorn-like form together. The light yellow and orange pistils curl the mossy green leaves closely around their main roots. The concept behind Sexxpot is to provide the customer with a euphoric experience without being overwhelmed.

Flavor and Effects of Sexxpot

Taste-wise, this strain brings the undertones of fruity, peach, berry, nut, coffee, and skunk. The launch is fast and begins with an uplifting cerebral buzz. You’ll feel an empowering joy from within when you consume it. Gradually, the body is enveloped with a tingling sensation. This relieves pressure and relaxes the body. The calming and thrilling buzz for men is nothing more than another means of capping the day. But the results are a bit different for women. The herbal aphrodisiac, dubbed the “Female Viagra”, decreases psychological and physiological inhibitions. Usually, these emotional barriers prevent women from being their unapologetic self. The new-found freedom is completely arousing to many.

 Medical Benefits of Sexxpot

Sexxpot has a myriad of health benefits as well. The same psychoactive compounds that cause the psychedelic effects also give pharmacological value to the strain. The high levels of THC not only produce a fun buzz but also alleviate pain. A body buzz soothes the muscles and minimizes the spasms’ sharp sting. This soothes the stomach and increases the appetite as it enters the gastrointestinal tract. The strain can benefit patients with chronic pain, anorexia, or cachexia. Sexxpot is a perfect relief of stress. The elevating feeling gradually relieves signs of mental and physical fatigue, anxiety and depression.

 Negative Effects of Sexxpot

Sexxpot will cause dry eyes and mouth like other strains. While Sativa strains are commonly associated with anxiety, proceed with this Indica with caution. Sexxpot’s large quantities can have the same effect as a strong Sativa.

 Growing Sexxpot

Sexxpot is relatively easy to grow. The stalks are robust and do not need early topping due to their manageable height. Not only that, the resistance genes against cold and mold will withstand weather changes and moisture-related problems. Nonetheless, it may require constant pruning. Typical of Indica, the bushiness of the plant can sometimes cause problems with the flow of light and air. That is why you’re expected to cut. Trimming also helps the plant to focus on growing bigger, denser nugs for its nutrients.

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