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Sexual Chocolate

Sexual Chocolate

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The brilliant master breeders from the cannabis breeder group of Lost River Seeds were once again celebrating a victorious production of one new breed of weed. They had a recent crossbreeding process and used the genes of Chocolate Eruption to be mixed with that of Golden Goat strain. This newborn was named not reflecting much of its parents’ identity, and that is Sexual Chocolate.

Flavor and Effects of Sexual Chocolate

Given such a sweet and attractive name, this bud seemed to be born with much luck and charm. It makes users feel like they are going to have the best toke of their life both physically and mentally so all they can do beforehand was to close their eyes in a comfortable position. Sexual Chocolate strain makes a perfect toke during the day, too.

Medical Benefits of Sexual Chocolate

Keeping yourself healthy and ready for some daily work is very vital especially for professionals whose duty is needed by many people. Smoking this bud will help you protect or free yourself from the burden of worrying about fatigue, stress, insomnia, muscle pain, migraine, nausea, and inflammation getting in your way of doing what you need to do.

Negative Effects of Sexual Chocolate

This may be one of a kind bud also because it can deliver some bad effects to someone which may be in the form of dry eyes or mouth, mild headaches, and also paranoia.

Growing Sexual Chocolate

This marijuana variety can grow and live healthily in a place of good lighting and ventilation which may be indoors or outdoors. Fertilizers help greatly with its stronger resistance to molds and pests so growers may apply some, too.

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