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Sex Grenade

Sex Grenade

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The Nerd’s Genetics group of master breeders may not be a very familiar name in the cannabis world today. However, because of their recent production of a bud made up of balanced indica and sativa genes, their name caused some intriguing clamor and eventually led to their fame, too. Such variety was the child of the coupled strains Lemon G and Dr. Hoffman. Its unique name was Sex Grenade.

Flavor and Effects of Sex Grenade

With its alluring, highly seducing name attracts more cannabis users to come and try its sedating powers. Every bud of this weed variety is gifted with such massive amount of THC that is what brings its psychoactive effects. It is possible to be drowned completely with its pool of great sensations, sweet thoughts, and also of a sexier view of oneself. Sex Grenade shall arouse all of those pleasant sensations

Medical Benefits of Sex Grenade

Making your day stress-free and pain-free is simply achievable if one knows how to toke this marijuana variety. This weed shall provide you with the rest you need to fight away fatigue, muscle pain, menstrual cramps, headaches, and inflammation.

Negative Effects of Sex Grenade

When you start feeling your eyes getting irritated or your mouth begins to dry out, that is already a sign that you have been neglecting to drink enough water after several use of this bud. Overdose of this drug also may include feelings of nausea and anxiety.

Growing Sex Grenade

In an area where there is lesser risk of having pests and molds around, Sex Grenade strain will surely flourish. This weed may also be provided with a kind of fertilizer that will support its growth.

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