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Seven Sept

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An internationally acclaimed marijuana breeder group called the L’Artisan du Bonheur or also known as the Artisan of Happiness in English gets its hands on the best marijuana varieties to mix and blend together into one more new progeny. Those were the varieties Bubba Kush of pre 98 x Purple Urkle BX1 x Strawberry Crème and Sandstorm that resulted in the production of Seven Sept strain. 

Flavor and Effects of Seven Sept

This hashish, sour strawberry blend with diesel and musky sweetness has become a top marijuana strain for such flavors as well as of its effects. It shall cool you down from the tiring day you had at work, comforting, and relaxing for the body to become satisfied. The mind, on the other hand, savors the uplifting high that it brings.

Medical Benefits of Seven Sept

Powerfully charged with a high THC and CBD level, Seven Sept strain gives an assurance of providing some medicinal effects to its users’ body. In fact, this bud has been used a number of times by patients to combat the pains of menstrual cramps, sclerosis, and migraine, too. 

Negative Effects of Seven Sept

The strong impact of this bud towards the body may be a reason to acquire some very difficult to deal with medical conditions. Some of those includes the cases of severe headaches and paranoia.

Growing Seven Sept 

This weed strain shall reflect mostly of its indica genetics that show off a branchy, bushy, bot that tall height which is common to such lineage. Despite its height, growers are to be surprised to see their crops developing huge, dense buds of the sought-after high resin content.

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