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This Omuerta Genetix cannabis breeder group has made another very delightful marijuana strain of great traits. Such was when they had the Serroquel weed strain which had given them all that fame, favor, and important which they are enjoying at the moment. In order to create this bud, Ocean Beach Ripper and Oaktree strains collide and prepare the great mix of flavors, aroma, and effects.

Flavor and Effects of Serroquel

A craving tongue for a delicious bud to enter through its taste buds shall be satisfied and completely comforted with the high achieved from this bud. It creates waves of joy, energy, motivation, and focus among users so they can function better at work. The physical agility it awakens inside you also becomes useful, while it makes users totally drunk of the herb’s powers. This kind of sedation shall remain in at least a couple of hours.

Medical Benefits of Serroquel

It has deeply relaxing effects that can be used for eliminating physical conditions like back pain, sclerosis, arthritis, migraine, and also menstrual cramps. Serroquel strain’s high may be soothing and uplifting, too, that allows it to bring some good vibes for the relief of anxiety, insomnia, stress, epilepsy, and PTSD.

Negative Effects of Serroquel

In every wonderful toke experience from smoking, this weed strain also comes the fact that it may give some bad outcomes. This usually results in nausea, mild headaches, and paranoia, too.

Growing Serroquel

This aromatic and genetically strong marijuana variety is capable of surviving indoors and outdoors cultivation. It has the ability to resist pests, molds, and mildews, too, especially because of the influence of its parent strains.