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Sensi Skunk

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Sensi Skunk is an indica dominant strain, a variation of the notorious strain of Skunk # 1. The Sensi Skunk strain is a full-bodied, dense, and big cannabis hybrid with broad, deep-green leaves. Identifying through its appearance is simple enough.

Flavor and Effects of Sensi Skunk

This strain brings citrus, earthy, skunk, herbal, lemon, skunky, lime, and sweet flavors. Sensi Skunk is a very soothing strain; shortly after your first taking it, the results set in. Starting with a powerful wave of euphoria, this strain can hang around for quite a while, making you feel uplifted and enthusiastic. You’re going to feel like slipping into the next couch will then soon happen.

 Medical Benefits of Sensi Skunk

The bud is most commonly prescribed to alleviate acute or extreme anxiety, helping people not to become depressed or anxious. Patients with chronic pain issues can benefit from the use of this strain, especially in the treatment of chronic migraines, headaches, and muscle spasms such as menstrual cramps. The strain can be used to treat chronic insomnia as it helps you to fall asleep easily.

 Negative Effects of Sensi Skunk

The feeling of dehydration, making a dry mouth, and dry eyes will happen. This bud can also make your

headache and feel dizzy or paranoid.

 Growing Sensi Skunk

This strain can be grown indoors or outdoors. In a hot and dry climate, this strain will thrive best on its potency. Also, this strain will give the best yields when applying the Sea of Green (SOG) method.