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Secret Recipe

Secret Recipe

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Secret Recipe cannabis strain by Connoisseur Genetics is a 60/40 Sativa with a THC scope of 20-22%. Mystery Recipe cannabis strain is a cross between Chemdawg, Abusive OG, and Diesel cannabis strains. It has an aftertaste like harsh, sharp earth blended in with a fruity pine tree subject, and the smell is increasingly acrid with hot, moist suggestions. Buds are enormous and breezy with orange hairs and the infrequent splendidly white trichome. Secret Recipe can treat irritation, incessant uneasiness or stress, wretchedness, and agony. Incredible for daytime or night use.

Flavor and Effects ofSecret Recipe

The Secret Recipe bud is another mystery that is not kept excessively well, with a flavorful fruity pine bundle that is highlighted by impactful earth and a harsh trailing sensation upon breath out. Secret Recipe cannabis strain’s high creeps up on you before whisking you away with a body shiver which will unwind and numb you yet won’t be calming.

Medical Benefits ofSecret Recipe

As this high forms, you’ll succumb to a tingly body buzz that spreads from appendage to appendage with a profoundly loosening up impact that is somewhat desensitizing in nature. In spite of the fact that you’ll feel totally calm, you won’t be quieted in the smallest. These impacts give Secret Recipe a bit of leeway in treating conditions, for example, ceaseless agony, aggravation, constant pressure or uneasiness, and melancholy.

Negative Effects of Secret Recipe

This can make a dry-mouth sensation when smoking it, which can be joined by a dry-eye sensation. It can likewise cause a slight episode of suspicion in uncommon occurrences.

GrowingSecret Recipe

Secret Recipe is a strain that is ordinarily developed inside. It is inclined to ailments, for example, buildup and forms, and is, hence, best kept in a streamlined domain. This strain isn’t anything but difficult to develop and can be delicate to extraordinary climate conditions.