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Scroopy Noopers

Scroopy Noopers

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Bred by Green Dream Cannabis, the Scroopy Noopers strain is the result of combining the Stardawg strain with the Girl Scout Cookies strain. It boasts of a whooping 27% THC levels, so moderation is important when consuming this strain. The plant of this bud is pale green in color. They are covered with chunky sparkling trichomes and rust-colored pistils.

Flavor and Effects of Scroopy Noopers

Coffee lovers will surely love this strain because of its smell and its invigorating effects. The Scroopy Noopers cannabis strain offers a dominant coffee aromatic profile with hints of pungency. A refreshing flavor combination of pine, herbal and lemon completes the profile of this mouthwatering bud.

This evenly balanced hybrid is the ideal bud for a late afternoon gathering. It takes you up on a euphoric high before bringing you down to a relaxing sleep. The onset of this strain is distinguished by a buzz on the temples that infuses you with motivation, happiness, and innovative ideas. You will find the creative genius in yourself come to life. Mundane and complicated tasks will seem like a breeze, and you can complete any task lists you have for the day easily. This euphoric high, however, is short-lived and you will soon find yourself taken over by a bodily warmth that is relaxing and calming. You will feel the complete opposite of the initial onset, as you’d prefer to lie down, relax and chill. Soon, you will find yourself just about ready for bed.

What are the medicinal benefits of Scroopy Noopers

The Scroopy Noopers is a very effective appetite stimulant. Because of its initial cerebral high, you will feel the munchies kick in after completing all the creative and productive tasks for the day. Patients struggling with eating disorders, like anorexia, and loss of appetite will find relief in this strain. In addition, patients with mental issues like stress, depression, and even attention deficiency will also find treatment with the Scroopy Noopers. The initial mental buzz will provide them with the mental acuity needed to go through their day happy and inspired by joyous things. Lastly, patients looking for ways to manage physical pains and aches will find the Scroopy Noopers an effective anti-inflammatory aid.

Negative Effects of Scroopy Noopers

Cottonmouth and dry, itchy eyes are usual cannabis side effects that are also experienced when consuming the Scroopy Noopers cannabis strain.

Growing Scroopy Noopers

The Green Dream Cannabis team has not made the seeds of this strain available for resale. Interested growers, however, may find healthy, mature plants and obtain clippings from them to use it to cultivate their own clones. The plant is relatively easy to grow once obtained. It needs a Mediterranean climate to reach its full potential as well as a regular topping to ensure light reaches the lower flowering nodes. The plant also tends to grow pungent, so it is recommended to invest in carbon air filters or exhaust fans to control the odor.

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