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Satans Bride

Satan’s Bride

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Bred by Trikoma Seeds, Satan’s Bride is a THC and indica dominant variety. It is a mesmerizing blend of White Russian and AK-47. It is a medium, robust plant with broad leaves that are intense green in color. Its plump buds are also surrounded with glimmering, crystalline resins. With a DNA composing of 60% indica and 40% sativa genes, it can be grown indoors and outdoors.

 Flavor and Effects of Satan’s Bride

Do not be fooled by the strain name. You might think it will deliver a hellish flavor, but it presents a delicate, sweet taste and aroma instead. The buzz begins with an uplifting effect that will charge you with pure bliss and inspiration. This effect comes with a load of energy that will keep you on the move. You will be able to accomplish a lot with your overflowing creativity. This will slowly ease you to an impending state of relaxation you will never want to escape from.

Medical Benefits of Satan’s Bride

Its dominant THC component makes it perfect for treating a variety of medical conditions. This includes focus and concentration improvement beneficial for people with ADD or ADHD. It aids in managing depression, stress, Bipolar Disorder, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It can also set the body free from physical pains. Aside from inducing sleep and appetite, the strain is also effective in soothing gastrointestinal disorders, nausea, chronic pains, fibromyalgia, and muscle spasms.

Negative Effects of Satan’s Bride

Satan’s Bride’s potency triggers dry mouth, dry eyes, and aridity in the throat. These mild symptoms can be treated right away by drinking water. The stress-relieving properties of the strain may produce the opposite if taken carelessly. It can unleash hell by triggering paranoia, drowsiness, restlessness, and sleeplessness.

Growing Satan’s Bride

The indica dominance of Satan’s Bride is suitable for the Sea of Green (SOG) method. To dodge possibilities of molds and powdery mildew, it is best to keep humidity low, and to do watering infrequently. Trimming and Low Stress Training (LST) shall help in achieving this.

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