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This has been used in making hybrid projects to produce new varieties. It came from Russia, Amur, and an Unknown Indica combination carrying its traits that is good for breeding projects. The breeder has been on its mission of unusual breeding combination but has successfully produced cannabis varieties.

Flavor and Effects of Rudi

This marijuana flavors can be fruity, citrus, spicy, sweet, and earthy taste. This marijuana gives you a relaxed feeling of the mind and body. It can make you feel satisfied and content with just hanging around and letting time pass. When you smoke more, you can have a couch-lock effect.

Medical Benefits of Rudi

This marijuana can numb and soothe some pains like fatigue, chronic pain, and migraine. It is effective enough that many patients use them. They also do well to help with cases of insomnia, settle nausea, and other medical conditions.

Negative Effect you Can Expect from Rudi

If you enjoy smoking this marijuana, you can feel some discomfort so take it with ease and be careful with the dosage. The negative effects may not cause much discomfort but they can appear. This can be dry mouth or eyes, headache, drowsiness, and others.

Growing Rudi

This marijuana can grow well outdoor or indoor especially in a greenhouse. It has been nurtured and bred to other marijuana varieties many times making it suitable marijuana to grow even for beginners. You will be able to do well growing it with its strength and adaptability.