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Rubicon cannabis strain is a 50/50 mixture with a THC normal of 9%, and a 1:1 CBD apportion of 9%. It won 2016’s Colorado Cannabis Cup first Place for Best CBD. It has a smooth citrus taste with leafy foods highlights, while the smell is gritty lavender with dim citrus. Nugs are rock molded with dynamic orange hairs and golden tinted trichomes. Alongside numerous different afflictions, Rubicon can treat agony, cerebral pains or headaches, nervousness, stress, and sickness. Incredible for daytime and night use.

Flavor and Effects of Rubicon

This bud has a sweet smooth citrus season with traces of fruity earth. Rubicon cannabis strain’s high will give you a smooth feeling of inspiration that brings you vitality and peacefulness. It will weave through your body with a slight warming buzz.

Medical Benefits of Rubicon

As a result of its high CBD level and generally mellow THC level, the felt impacts of Rubicon are negligible, in spite of the fact that it is ideal for treating many, if not all, conditions, for example, Chronic Pain, Headaches, Inflammation, Nausea, Stress.

Negative Effects of Rubicon

As cannabinoids repress dampness creation, clients will, in all likelihood, feel the eyes and mouth dry out. This is run of the mill in pot use, and prepared clients regularly overlook the bone-dry spell.

Growing Rubicon

Because of its therapeutic nature, all things considered, the strain is, for the most part, developed inside where raisers have full control of the earth. This isn’t to say it won’t develop well outside. Or maybe, it might be somewhat precarious, requiring some additional consideration and consideration, particularly because of the unusualness of the climate.