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Royal Skunk

Royal Skunk

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The producer of this strong marijuana cultivar variety is misterD Farmhouse. One of its strong traits is to be able to survive in any weather condition. Its parents came from the combination of Freezeland and Skunk #1.

Skunk #1 variety helps in having more yield with more buds that are more compact and will have a higher potency. The Freezeland contributes to the indoor growing ability of this variety.

Flavor and Effects of Royal Skunk

The flavors can be a skunk, earthy, sour, fruity, citrus, and pine taste. This marijuana gives you the effects that are euphoric and relaxing with more energy and creativity. You can choose what entertainment you would like before feeling its sedating effect.

Medical Benefits of Royal Skunk

Go ahead and have your smoke as you will soon feel its medical benefits that are comforting. It helps you manage pain so you can do some things without having to endure pain. You can also get help for alleviating nausea, promoting good sleep, inducing good appetite, and more.

Negative Effect you Can Expect from Royal Skunk

Royal Skunk can also induce some negative effects that are the same lists as the common negative effects of consuming marijuana. This can be dry mouth, dizziness, headache, dry eyes, slight paranoia, and others.

Growing Royal Skunk

This is for the most types of beginner even the novice will do great because of the strength of this marijuana variety. It can endure harsh weather and still grow healthily so the yield is not affected. This makes it good for outdoor cultivation but with the contribution of its other parent, it is also suitable for indoor growth.

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