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Rose Bud

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Radiating with mostly Indica genetics, Royal Choice Farms, and Green Source Gardens is proud to present Rose Bud. As enigmatic as its name, Rose Bud’s lineage is a bit challenging to trace. Its likeness was believed to have been created by an autonomous blend of two G13 Lavender Haze. Such mixture resulted in a flowery pungency. It grows to showcase mint green nugs resembling rosebuds, smothered with glimmering trichomes, surrounded with little magenta hairs.

Flavor and Effects of Rose Bud

Rose Bud’s name equates its taste and aroma. It will remind you of a fresh bouquet of roses, but there is a skunk hidden beneath the beauties. The high is often described by users as a €œbeach chair€ type of high. It is perfect for individuals looking forward to a laid back day. You will start to feel a little lift in your head, tugging your mind into a state of euphoria which immediately rolls down your body. It will make you put your hands behind your head and your feet up the table.

Medical Benefits of Rose Bud

The strain is not recommended for patients who are looking to be productive all day. But if a nap or sleep is the goal, this is advisable for people with insomnia, anxiety, depression, and stress. It can soothe the mind and stomp out racing thoughts to enable a nourishing slumber. It can also alleviate conditions such as muscle spasms or cramps, inflammation, headache, nausea, or vomiting. It can also induce appetite for anorexia or bulimia patients.

Negative Effects of Rose Bud

If an incorrect dosage is taken, Rose Bud can absolutely make you feel uncomfortable. There have been cases of anxiety and fatigue due to overindulging. An excruciating migraine is accompanied by a cottonmouth, a pair of reddish, dry eyes, and hallucinations.

Growing Rose Bud Some information and Tips

So far, only a few growers have ever bragged about successfully growing the Rose Bud. Due to limited information, it is being grown cautiously like a normal Purple Haze. A temperature of around 79 degrees Fahrenheit and 150-watt HPS light will do the trick. Always trim the leaves wet to avoid risks of growing mold. The strain is also prone to producing hermaphrodites. Watch out for pollen so you can get rid of them right away.

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