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Romulan Timewarp

Romulan Timewarp

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Next Generation Seed Company has not been contented yet with entertaining people and making more users smile with satisfaction. Their newest creation was a cannabis strain of pure Indica genes taken from the famous Reclining Buddha and Texada Timewarp strains. Those parent strains were just so desirable that their progeny also became as famous as them, too, which came to be known as Romulan Timewarp strain.

Flavor and Effects of Romulan Timewarp

The tastes and scent of citrusy lemon and pine are all present in the fat, resinous buds of this marijuana variety which is one of its assets. Together, they introduce the strong sedation that this green herb is about to deliver. Romulan Timewarp may serve as an appetizer for a nice day ahead, or a beautiful dream to look forward to before you go to your restful sleep at night.

Medical Benefits of Romulan Timewarp

Proving to everyone that medication doesn’t always have to separate from recreation nor does it have to be painful, Romulan Timewarp serves various patients and marijuana users of its ability to many medicinal benefits in one bud. This is effective for migraine, stress, insomnia, anxiety, depression, stress, fatigue, and arthritis, too.

Negative Effects of Romulan Timewarp

Liking this bud’s high a lot doesn’t make a good excuse for overdosing oneself. Instead, moderate use of this weed strain is greatly advised so that users will not complain about having dry mouth or and also feeling dizzy.

Growing Romulan Timewarp

As a massive yielder, Romulan Timewarp strain is always preferred by growers and is recommended also for beginners. Despite its high yield and quality buds, this weed strain remains easy and fast to cultivate.

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