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Romulan Hashplant

Romulan Hashplant

Next Generation Seed Company never ceases on their journey to making more and more adorable strains for the total satisfaction of its loyal cannabis users. Romulan Hashplant strain was the output they got from their recent crossbreeding project and after a few studies have been made successfully.

Flavor and Effects of Romulan Hashplant

This richly pine and sweet tasting buds, with some touch of citrusy flavors are ready for users to engulf and savor anytime they like. Its buds are filled with the high resin that is just enough to bring them to that heavenly state of mind. Physically, they are left lying comfortably in couch while their minds roam and float away with the best memories they can ever have.

Medical Benefits of Romulan Hashplant

Along with its delightful sedation, Romulan Hashplant strain also gives its avid users with a quick relief from stress and anxiety in the sweetest way possible. Other mental issues it can resolve are nausea, insomnia, post-traumatic stress disorder, bipolar disorders, and ADD/ADHD. Physically, it also makes an effective impact on muscle pain, fatigue, and menstrual cramps.

Negative Effects of Romulan Hashplant

Caution is always reminded to smokers of this bud so they are sure not to experience the side effects that it is expected to have on someone’s body and mind. However, in cases when caution is not practiced and excessive use is committed, they may be able to feel dizzy or anxious afterwards.

Growing Romulan Hashplant

With large amount of yield, growers of this bud grows in number, too, each time. They all desire those huge, dense buds that this marijuana variety produces and the ease of its cultivation, too.