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Romping Goddess

Romping Goddess

This lofty-named strain is the offspring of Cannabis Cup winner, the God Bud strain, and an unknown local medicinal strain. Its THC content clocks in around 23%. The nugs of this strain are dense and are light green in color. Alongside brown pistils, the leaves are covered in a generous layer of trichomes and resin.

Flavor and Effects of Romping Goddess

The Romping Goddess marijuana strain produces universally appealing aromatic and flavor profiles. It is a refreshing combination of pine, wet earth and fruits. As its name might have hinted, the effects of this strain are strong and goddess-like. It is a daytime strain that will uplift you to heights you did not know were possible. You will feel overly happy and giddy, and you will feel very creative and productive. This strong cerebral high will stimulate your appetite on the comedown, so be prepared for snacks. Gradually, the high will focus on physical relaxation that is calming yet still functional.

What are the Medicinal Benefits of Romping Goddess

The Romping Goddess strain works like a miracle to a number of ailments. Having the ability to lighten up any mood, this strain works very effectively for patients suffering from chronic stress, depression and PTSD. Those with eating disorders or who are struggling with a loss of appetite will also find relief in the Romping Goddess.

Negative Effects of Romping Goddess

Despite its lofty effects, the Romping Goddess still has its negative effects. For one it can still cause dry eyes and dry mouth. Both symptoms are usual when smoking any marijuana strain.

Growing Romping Goddess

The Romping Goddess requires experience to grow. It has specific requirements for its climate in order to thrive well €“ it needs cool temperatures with a touch of humidity. It also requires an adequate amount of sunlight and ventilation in order to produce its moderately high yield. Its flowering period is relatively short, with only 7 to 9 weeks wait time, so making sure it receives the appropriate amount of care and nutrients will be worth it.