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Rollex OG Kush

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Rollex OG Kush is an indica dominant hybrid strain created by crossing the powerful White Fire OG and Kuchi strains. This strain has large and lumpy, super-fuzzy spade-shaped yellow-green nugs with sparse fiery orange hair and thick sticky resin coating.

Flavor and Effects of Rollex OG Kush

Rollex OG Kush gives the sweet, cheesy, pine, apple, citrus, and berry undertones of flavor. This strain delivers powerful cerebral highs to you, and will immediately send your feeling in great happiness as the negative moods are thrown away. You will feel more giggly than usual even at the corniest of jokes. There may also be talkative spells that can make you feel socially active.

Medical Benefits of Rollex OG Kush

The energy-boosting effects of Rollex OG Kush make the cases of depression, chronic stress or anxiety from mild to a moderate level. This also has some anti-inflammatory effects that can help with migraines, headaches, chronic tiredness, chronic pain, gastrointestinal disorder, glaucoma, insomnia, lack of appetite, and nausea.

Negative Effects of Rollex OG Kush

Consuming this strain can induce dry mouth and dry or irritated eyes. Also, this may induce dizziness, paranoia, or headache when usage is too much.

Growing Rollex OG Kush

It is possible to grow the Rollex OG Kush plant in indoor, outdoor or controlled environments. Nevertheless, it prefers warm weather outdoors. Growers have to regulate their pungent smell to prevent neighboring complaints.