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Rocky Mountain High

Rocky Mountain High

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Created by the masters from the Hazeman Seeds, the Rocky Mountain High is an indica leaning hybrid with THC content reaching up to 20%. It is the offspring of the Mikado strain and the Colorado Green Bud strain. The buds of this plant are small and adhere to each other in a round formation. They range from minty green to forest green in color and are covered with fiery orange hairs and white crystals.

Flavor and Effects of Rocky Mountain High

The Rocky Mountain High marijuana strain is a very pungent strain that offers an aromatic combination of skunky, floral and citrus. Its taste is very similar with hints of pine and spicy aftertaste that can be harsh and acrid.

The effects of this strain kick in almost immediately after the first smoke. It offers a mind-body euphoria that is uplifting and relaxing. It brings out the creative genius in you and you will feel motivated and excited to finish all the little jobs you’ve been putting on hold. Eventually, the indica side kicks in and you will be brought down into a mellow state of bliss. You will start to feel completely relaxed and gradually, feelings of sedation will take over.

What are the Medicinal Benefits of Rocky Mountain High

Because of its potent effects and up to 2% CBD content, the Rocky Mountain High is very effective in curbing any physical pains and aches. It helps relieve any muscle tension and tremors from head to toe easily.

Negative Effects of Rocky Mountain High

Cottonmouth is one of the usual negative effects when smoking this strain. The reason for these is the high amounts of cannabinoids in the strain that could leave you dehydrated.

Growing Rocky Mountain High

The Rocky Mountain High plant has a very easygoing nature and is not picky about which environment you choose for it to grow. It can be cultivated indoors and outdoors. Keep in mind, however, that it needs a warmer climate to be able to produce its maximum yield.