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Perfectly balancing indica and sativa strains, Rockstar is truly a rock star in the world of medicinal and recreational marijuana. Placing second place in the previous Cannabis Cup, the award-winning strain is a combination of competitive parents, Rockbud and Sensi Star. Smelling of spices and grapes, Rockstar produces green nugs covered with little white trichomes and bright orange pistils. When broken, it reeks of skunk and kush. A competitive strain, it was bred by Bonguru Beans.

Flavor and Effects of Rockstar

Rockstar’s exotic smell is also how it tastes. It presents a spicy, skunky and herbal taste with a sweet citrus aftertaste. Its indica dominant genes will instantly send you to a cerebral high in just a short span of time. You will feel like a popular rockstar who has reached the height of success after so many challenges and difficulties. It will erase the memories of those who said you will never make it. The cerebral euphoria will eventually envelop your body. With a heightened level of focus and concentration, you will definitely rock the day.

Medical Benefits of Rockstar

Smoking rockstar rocks away any physical and mental pain. It can soothe headaches, migraines, muscle pains and nausea. Smokers will find themselves hungry after a few takes, making it perfect for those suffering from appetite loss. It can also ease gastrointestinal disorders, PTSD, anxiety, and depression. If you find it hard to hit the sack, sleeping is easier. As the euphoric high wanes, it slowly eases the mind and body further which can immediately lull you to sleep.

Negative Effects of Rockstar

Overindulging will produce the opposite of medicinal values. Rockstar can give you the basic weed downsides such as dry eyes, dizziness and dry mouth. Feeling jittery is also common if you smoke beyond your tolerance level. This can induce panic attacks, fatigue and insomnia. Rather than feeling happy, you may experience the opposite so it is still better to be cautious and never go beyond your limits.

Growing Rockstar Some information and Tips

Whether indoors or outdoors, Rockstar can rock the soil and hydro. To groom a Rockstar with the best music quality and highest grossing sales, the Sea of Green or SOG method is recommended by experts. It responds well to hydroponics setup. You may use a nylon poultry fence or any other trellising to be laid over the green canopies. This will support the weight of your Rockstars during the flowering stage. You may also use stakes if you do not have access to any of the former items.
Rockstar also responds well to any types of training. You may use either paper or plastic tie to wrap around the top of the plant. Pull the top until it reaches around 90 €“ 180 degrees. Then, attach it low on the main stem. This should be done for a week before releasing.
To avoid gaining bashers from the neighborhood, cover up the pungency during flowering stage by installing carbon filters. Avoid overwatering the plants to decrease chances of developing molds or mildew.
Like the strains from its family tree, Rockstar is not a fan of overfeeding as well, but still ensure that nitrogen, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus are part of its diet with a balanced level of pH.

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