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Rigger Kush

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Rigger Kush is a Hindu Kush phenotype from Anchorage, AK. Rigger Kush buds have a little heart-shaped piece of green forest nugs with tiny orange hair and a light frosting of tiny amber-colored crystal trichomes. Rigger Kush is the perfect bud for the experienced user behind their relief who loves a little power.

Flavor and Effects of Rigger Kush

This strain will give a splendid combination of dank, herb, and diesel flavor. You can experience an uplifted onset that gradually starts to build up in the back of your mind and stomach, dragging you into a state of mental peace and joy. A light buzzing effect will begin to spread through your body, emanating from your spine and reaching your fingers and toes. In this state, you may begin to get sleepy, particularly if you’ve had one or two hits of this potent strain.

Medical Benefits of Rigger Kush

Rigger Kush is the perfect choice as a remedy to conditions such as insomnia, inflammation, chronic pain, and muscle spasms or cramps.

Negative Effects of Rigger Kush

You may feel dry mouth and dry eyes upon taking this strain. Also, this may bring dizziness and headache when indulge.

Growing Rigger Kush

Rigger Kush strain is best to cultivate in a sunny climate whether indoors or outdoors. Hence, this strain must be provided with enough nutrients, lighting, and humidity to get the best qualities of this strain. Also, you must make sure that this is grown in a place free from pests and diseases.