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Remo Chemo

Remo Chemo

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The Remo Chemo is a highly prized indica leaning hybrid that was created by combining the UBC Chemo strain with the Bubba Kush strain. Among its many awards, the Remo Chemo strain was part of the top 10 strains of the High Times list in 2017. It also gathered the top awards for the 2017 Best Indica strain at the Expogrow run in Spain and the Karma Cup in Canada.

Flavor and Effects of Remo Chemo

The Remo Chemo’s parental Bubba Kush is perceivable in its aromatic and flavor profile. It gives off a pungent skunky flavor with herbal, spice, and diesel undertones. As you might have understood from its name, the Remo Chemo was originally created with the purpose of alleviating the side effects of chemotherapy. It brings on a physical high that will wipe out any pain, exhaustion, and nausea. It also stimulates the appetite as many cancer patients struggle with the loss of appetite after a chemo session.

What are the Medicinal Benefits of Remo Chemo

The Remo Chemo is primarily developed for chemotherapy patients. It helps soothes out any pains that might result from the therapy session. It also provides them with the needed energy and support to wipe out any dizzying effects as well as exhaustion.

Negative Effects of Remo Chemo

When used in high doses, the Remo Chemo cannabis strain can induce slight paranoia.

Growing Remo Chemo

The Remo Chemo strain grows medium in height and thrives well indoors and outdoors. Within a short flowering time of 9 to 10 weeks, you can enjoy an abundantly high yield of its visually striking purple leaves.

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