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Redding OG

Redding OG

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This award-winning strain won third place at the 2014 Los Angeles Cannabis Cup. It is a well-balanced cannabis hybrid that was created by crossing the South American strain with the Neville Haze strain. The nugs are pale green in color and are covered in white, frosty trichomes and bring orange hairs.

Flavor and Effects of Redding OG

The Redding OG cannabis strain offers a fresh and earthy aromatic and flavor profile. Usually, these are accompanied by hints of sweetness. The Redding OG strain is known as a social strain because of its euphoric effects. It can induce bouts of giggling, that can be uncontrollable and irritating at times. It also provides a long-lasting effect that can carry on for almost eight hours, making it one of the ideal social strains in the market.

What are the Medicinal Benefits of Redding OG

The Redding OG strain is great for people needing help in alleviating symptoms of depression and anxiety. It removes any awkwardness and overthinking in them and allows them to open up and be in the moment.

Negative Effects of Redding OG

The Redding OG strain can induce bouts of paranoia and panic if used in a high dose. Regardless of your own personal tolerance limits, you should always start in low to moderate doses.

Growing Redding OG

The Redding OG is a relatively easy plant to grow. Whether grown indoors or outdoors, it will produce a heavy yield of award-winning buds. When grown outdoors, however, the climate should be set to a warm and temperate one to help the plant reach its full potential.