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Redd Cross

Redd Cross

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The Redd Cross cannabis strain was originally created to be medicinal marijuana, as its name implies. It is a CBD-rich strain that was created by combining the Spirit of ’76 strain with an unknown Afghani Indica.

Flavor and Effects of Redd Cross

The Redd Cross cannabis hybrid is a very aromatic strain that is predominantly earthy mixed with hints of lemon sour and sweet, fresh pine. Its flavor profile is equally delicious. You can easily taste the woody and earthy profiles on the inhale. The smoke is sweet, sour, and creamy altogether.

This highly potent strain is known for its relaxing properties. It is the ideal bud to unwind after a long day at work or after a bad day. It will soothe both body and mind effectively, leaving no room for negativity. As the high continues, you will start to feel hungry, and eventually, you will be lulled to a peaceful and relaxing sleep that you deserve.

What are the medicinal benefits of Redd Cross

With CBD count reaching up to 8%, the Redd Cross is like the ultimate beacon of hope for a number of medical ailments. Depression and stress are easily wiped away when smoking this strain. It does not allow any harmful, distressing, and sad thoughts to enter your mind. Instead, it replaces them with uplifting and happy thoughts.

Negative Effects of Redd Cross

The Redd Cross strain needs to be taken in moderate doses to ensure that you will not experience mild cases of paranoia.

Growing Redd Cross

The plant of this strain is tall, lanky, and highly resistant to common diseases. It thrives well in both outdoor and indoor environments and is quite easy to grow. It takes around 8 to 9 weeks to finish flowering, and after which, you can enjoy a moderately high yield of beautiful buds that glow with a reddish hue.