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Red Velvet Pie

Red Velvet Pie

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The Red Velvet Pie cannabis strain is an evenly balanced hybrid created by TKO Reserve. It is a result of marrying the classic Cheery Thai strain with the Burmese Thai strain. Its buds are green in color with hints of pink and purple throughout. The leaves are covered in a think layer of crystalline trichomes.

Flavor and Effects of Red Velvet Pie

Like its namesake, the Red Velvet Pie offers a delicious flavor profile that is a combination of sweet cherries, berries, chocolate, and cream. The effects of this strain are fast and hard-hitting. If you want any mundane tasks done quickly, you can always turn to Red Velvet Pie to give you that needed boost of energy and motivation. As high progress, mental acuity will turn into a calming experience that will relax you.

What are the Medicinal Benefits of Red Velvet Pie

With its CBD levels reaching up to 1%, the Red Velvet Pie offers a number of medicinal values. For one, people who are struggling with depression will find relief from distressing and harmful thoughts with this strain. It will also help anyone dealing with appetite issues, body pains, and fatigue.

Negative Effects of Red Velvet Pie

Regardless of your tolerance levels, the Red Velvet Pie should always be consumed in moderate doses. The usual side effects of this strain include dry mouth as well as dry and itchy eyes.

Growing Red Velvet Pie

Seeds of this strain are not made available for public sale by the TKO Reserve breeders. However, if you are one of the lucky few to get a hold of their seeds or even clippings from a mature plant, the Red Velvet Pie is relatively easy to grow. It can thrive in all kinds of environments. For successful outdoor cultivation, however, it requires a temperate climate to reach its full potential.

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