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Red Jack Autoflowering

Red Jack Autoflowering

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The Red Jack Autoflowering has three known phenotypes that are unique from each other. This was created by Growers Choice, where they used an unknown Ruderalis to create an autoflowering Jack Herer. This specific hybrid strain will amaze you early on as she turns red in just four weeks, and you’ll notice that her branches stretch longer than the usual Jack Herer.

Flavor and Effects of Red Jack Autoflowering

In every puff, you’ll taste the incredible fresh sweetness of this cannabis with some spicy hints that send tingling sensations to the buds. It also offers a pine with lime undertones as you breathe out the smoke.

Expect to be filled with crazy creative ideas as you toke this baby. The intense cerebral rush is heavy on the head, but at the same time, it will give you all the motivation needed to seize the day. However, when consumed in a higher dosage, sedation will come in after and can slow you down during the day.

Medical Benefits of Red Jack Autoflowering

The use of this particular marijuana is very beneficial to individuals suffering from anxiety, depression, PTSD, mood swings, and bipolar disorder. It is also known to reduce stress or fatigue and is commonly used to treat chronic pain either from an injury, illness, or inflammation. Additionally, this cannabis is excellent for regulating sleep that can improve symptoms of insomnia.

Negative Effects of Red Jack Autoflowering.

The breeders advise new users to toke it slow and savor the effects before taking another hit because consuming the Red Jack Autoflowering in higher doses can lead to anxiety or paranoia. Even the most experienced users usually experience dry mouth and eyes, but sometimes they may feel dizzy when smoked too fast.

Growing Red Jack Autoflowering

Cultivating this specific cannabis is relatively easy, even for beginners. This weed can thrive indoors or outside; just make sure to feed her slowly as this plant is susceptible to nutrient burn. It can also adapt to different techniques and training.

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