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Red Dwarf

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Red Dwarf is an autoflowering hybrid of ruderalis, sativa, and indica variety. The Buddha Seeds created this by combining the Skunk and ruderalis strain. Physically, the strain has a dominant structure resembling the indica variety. It has green colored leaves and pistils that are in shade of rust.
Flavor and Effects of Red Dwarf

The cannabis strain has a fantastic line up of flavors with a mixture of a skunk with earthy taste and aroma. An undertone of musk well blends these flavors. The combination of flavors will not only take to another kind of dimension, but also the effects of the strain do so. It begins with a minimal rush to the mind and eventually activates your thoughts. It can make you a bit more talkative and can also boost your creativity and could execute brainstorming. By the end, it could promote couch-locked and put you in heavy body effects.

Medical Benefits of Red Dwarf

The Red Dwarf strain can deliver relief from all the signs and symptoms of stress and anxiety. It could also help people suffering from depression. The body could also get benefit from the strain as it can heal all your pain and other kinds of discomforts.

Negative Effects of Red Dwarf

The strain may not manifest paranoia effects due to its low THC level; however, like most other strains, it can cause dryness of the mouth and eyes, which are the result of being dehydrated. A drink or two could manage these effects and eventually eliminate them in a matter of time.

Growing Red Dwarf

By the name itself dwarf, the cannabis plant grows small and bushy, which is advantageous for most growers as it can suit in any area because of its size. However, it should put into consideration that the plants produce strong scent, and the odor system should be built when you plan on growing this little strain. Place the plant in a semi-humid climate or when indoor, should be under 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit temperature to properly develop and maximize the growth of this particular plant.