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Rebel Berry OG

Rebel Berry OG

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The Rebel Berry OG has an obscure legacy. However, it’s known to be a piece of the OG Kush family. This strain is a clone that leaves clients snickering for additional. Its medium THC levels of 15% by and large offers mental lucidity and sentiments of excitement.

Both novice and veteran weed smokers may racket over this strain due to sweet aroma. Breaking the nugs enables it to discharge notes of juniper, apple, and blueberry cheesecake. Experience weed aficionados will likewise perceive this bud from far off gratitude to its dim olive green nugs and brilliant golden hairs.

Flavor and Effects of Rebel Berry OG

The flavors of Rebel Berry OG are blueberry, cheese, and grape. Despite the fact that its name may make a few clients think it has a defiant nature, the Rebel Berry OG presents highs loaded with satisfaction and giggling. Purchasers of this bud will end up snickering and giggling at the smallest joke. A few clients may even wind up snickering wildly due to memory.

Medical Benefits of Rebel Berry OG

Its qualities to incite strong cerebral rapture can help treat certain ailments, for example, migraines, issues, wretchedness, glaucoma, and loss of hunger. Different infirmities in which this strain can end up helpful for bringing alleviation to incorporate a sleeping disorder, stress, and gloom.

Negative Effects of Rebel Berry OG

Moderate THC levels likewise mean unassuming unfriendly impacts. In light of that, most smokers of Rebel Berry OG will experience dry and disturbing eyes during smoking sessions. A few clients may have tension spells also.

Growing Rebel Berry OG

The Rebel Berry OG is a clone-just strain. Henceforth, it requires a moderate degree of experience and understanding of the development of weed strains to make it convey positive outcomes.