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Raspberry Kush

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Raspberry Kush is one of Indica’s popular hybrids most commonly used and known. It was named after the flavor and aroma of its berry touch. At the end of the name, adding the Kush denotes the root of the strain that is the Hindu Kush. However, with only reports that this one parent is from the Cheese strain, yet there is no conclusive evidence to confirm this fact. The strain is a great company for chilling over the weekend or going out for parties or hanging out with the neighbors.

Flavor and Effects of Raspberry Kush

Raspberry Kush brings the berry flavor in heavy weighs together with sweet, flowery, earthy, and vanilla undertones. This strain is proven to provide the body and mind-melting. The initial effect begins with elevating one’s mood and will bring now more lines of happiness. For days when you just want to feel happy and carefree, Raspberry Kush is perfect to use. For your creative push, this strain is loved by artists as it enables you to come up with more inspired ideas than on your normal days. In higher doses, this strain can also make you feel relaxed, calming from head to toe.

Medical Benefits of Raspberry Kush

A feeling of euphoria produced by this strain may benefit people with conditions related to depression and anxiety, including PTSD. It also has sedative properties and can be useful for people with sleeping problems or insomnia. Raspberry Kush strain can be used to relieve different types of pain, but with headaches, it is particularly best and effective. Raspberry Kush gives rise to relaxation that can help reduce tension. Inflammations, muscle spasms, chronic pain, lack of appetite and irritability have also been found to be alleviated.

Negative Effects of Raspberry Kush

Raspberry Kush will most likely make you feel slightly thirsty, with a dry mouth and dry itchy eyes occurring frequently, especially it will happen at higher doses. In some situations, Raspberry Kush can make you feel slightly dizzy, slightly paranoid which can lead to headaches, so if you are prone to feel slightly overwhelmed by stronger strains, it is best to keep the dose at a reasonable level.

Growing Raspberry Kush

This strain can be grown indoors or outdoors. This strain is highly resistant to common molds and mildew, but a set this must be placed where rain and the drastic changes in the environment can’t penetrate as it may hinder the plant’s growth or worse it can kill it. Additionally, this must be placed in a controlled environment where the best method to apply is hydroponic and usage of soil as a medium.