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Rare Dankness

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The Rare Darkness is an Indica variety. It was developed through the Grape Ape and Rare Dankness #1 strains, which were mingled together. The combination of these genetics bears a much sweeter and fruitful strain.

It yields with nice and colorful heavy yields that are suitable for indoors and outdoors climate. It also shows strong stems and branches which are covered with compact buds and resinous flowers. The flowers have the ability to change its colors, from green to dark purple.

Flavor and Effects of Rare Darkness

This strain is considered to be one of the sweetest strains produced. It also has a grapey taste that blends well in your mouth and produces an aromatic scent. With its Indica content, it makes you feel calm, relaxed, and euphoric. It also gives a slight high in the head, making you feel creative.

What are the Medical Effects of Rare Darkness

There are therapeutic effects that this strain produces. It can be used as a stress reliever and a therapy to depression and anxiety. It also helps in treating body pains such as arthritis, back pain, chronic migraine pains, and muscle spasm.

Negative Effects of Rare Darkness

The negative effects of this type of marijuana do not have an effect so much on your behavior. It is only mild, but you can expect mild paranoia, dryness of the mouth, dizziness, mood swings, and slower reaction time.

Growing a Rare Darkness

To grow a Rare Darkness, you need to find a good space where air can freely pass through. It is also important that lights can be installed for indoor growing. It is recommended that you place it under SCROG growing process for faster growth and to make sure it thrives. It also requires lights with high heat or daylight outdoors for at least 12 hours every day.