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Ramses exploits celebrated Amnesia Haze hereditary qualities and joins them with the characteristics of a select assortment from Pyramid Seeds’ own private save. Outcomes a heavenly sativa-prevailing is crossbreed with a high that is exceptionally cerebral and peppy and will keep going quite a while. This fiery cultivar stimulates your taste buds with reviving citrus flavors and traces of Haze.

Flavor and Effects of Ramses

The flavors of Ramses are citrus, earthy, and fruity. Ramses isn’t only a noteworthy plant with regards to her stature and developing force; smoke this woman, and you will appreciate a flavor that mixes empowering citrus notes with traces of Haze. 18% THC in her smoke implies that she conveys an incredible impact that, on account of her sativa-strength, will be extremely cerebral and durable. She makes an ideal daytime smoke to lift your disposition, help your vitality, and give innovative motivation.

Medical Benefits of Ramses

On account of its wide assortment of impacts, Ramses weed is appropriate for helping with various medicinal sicknesses, conditions, and side effects. By and large, Ramses is viewed as most reasonable for assisting with the individuals who are experiencing weakness and absence of craving.

Negative Effects of Ramses

One can hope to encounter the standard dry eyes and cottonmouth while smoking Ramses. All things considered, it contains similar dampness restraining cannabinoids as different cannabis strains. It is frequently gentle and, hence, disregarded via prepared clients. There is additionally a decent possibility of inclination somewhat restless. All things considered, it is imperative to utilize the strain with some restraint.

Growing Ramses

Ramses Photosynthesis phenotype of this strain coming about because of the cross of Amnesia Haze and one strains from Pyramid Seeds’ private hold. Prevalently Sativa, it’s a plant of incredible size and of quick and solid development, with long and crystalline blooms. Inside it isn’t prudent to give it such a large number of long stretches of development since it can drive the lights up. Ramses is an astounding plant that highlights a citrus season with traces of Haze. Its blossoming period changes from 75 to 85 days. Ramses has an extremely cerebral and enduring impact.