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R-4, otherwise called Cindy’s Solution, is a CBD-dominant strain with extraordinary therapeutic advantages. With a powerful THC/CBD proportion, R-4 sits solidly in the therapeutic classification, considering purchasers looking for help from muscle fits, interminable physical agony, sickness, and a waitlist of different afflictions dulled by high amounts of CBD. This strain scents of chocolate and earth intermixed with a delicate flower connotation.

Flavor and Effects of R-4

The flavors of R-4 are sweet, fruity, blueberry, earthy, and pine. R-4 has an exceptional impact at the forefront of your thoughts and body contrasted with the normal cannabis strains out there. Since it has a somewhat low degree of THC in its qualities, it can make you feel light and chill without the standard hard head impact. This strain can likewise enable you to keep inspired and concentrated on wrapping up that should be done on schedule. It likewise takes your brain and body into a loosening up sort of high that guarantees only quiet and positive musings overhead.

Medical Benefits of R-4

The principle motivation behind R-4 is to give a characteristic source to the treatment of specific manifestations simply like epilepsy, muscle fits, tremors, seizures, spasticity, irritation, and incessant torment. These are no counterpart for the incredibly significant levels of CBD found in this brilliant strain.

Negative Effects of R-4

Users can expect R-4 to dry the eyes and the mouth just as initiate unpretentious dizziness. The branches are unavoidable yet mellow and sensible. Remaining hydrated by drinking water or electrolyte drinks will help keep up a level of dampness, in spite of the fact that it will return following a couple of hours.

Growing R-4

For the most part, producers once in a while experience issues while developing R-4. It has astounding resistance against basic irritations and infections that may desolate the plant. Obviously, one should, at present, apply exertion into making the ideal condition that incorporates giving it plentiful air and great light.