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Purple Urkle

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The genetics and background of this strain have been debated by many. It is from the Emerald Triangle region located in the northern part of California. Some suggested that it’s a phenotype of Granddaddy Purple. But some insisted that it is a variety from Mendocino Purps, which started the purple craze in its origin state. This medical marijuana was first introduced way back during the 1980s.

It has the typical Indica stature as it is bushy, short, and thick. It is a powerful tranquilizer and moderately potent. So it’s popular as a medication and adored by Indica lovers as well as for connoisseurs and veterans alike. You can have it at night if you want to have a blast with the sedation that it brings.

Flavor and Effects of Purple Urkle

It’s a sweet-tasting strain, and it’s delicious. It would remind of a grape soda pop and freshly picked berries. Though it has lush flavors, it is skunky. The highlight of this weed’s effects is deep relaxation, but it can be sedative when taken in a high dose. It is also tagged as €˜two-hitter-quitter,’ which means two puffs are enough to attain the total effects.

Medical Benefits of Purple Urkle

It is one of the most popular medical marijuana among medical Cannabis patients. The short onset of its effect is an advantage for insomniacs. They don’t have to wait for so long to get a deep and restful night’s sleep that they’ve been craving for. It is efficient in calming both body and mind, so it’s used for the treatment of mental disorders like stress, anxiety, and depression. It allows negative thoughts to disappear.

It can reduce the pain of those who are often bothered by migraines or headaches, muscle spasm, and joint problems. It can also relieve patients who are suffering from chronic pain brought by some diseases.

Negative Effects of Purple Urkle

This strain may sometimes bring a slight headache to its consumers. Dizziness and mild euphoria can take place when taking a high dose. Dryness to the eyes and mouth is a common side effect of any strain like this one.

Growing Purple Urkle

Cultivating marijuana plants is not hard to learn, but this weed should be handled by growers who have some experiences. It gives a higher yield and quick flowering when planted indoors though outdoor cultivation is fine. The indoor plantation would work well with the hydroponic system. Growers should know many things about liquid nutrients. Plants should be given the right amount to avoid nutrient burn and overfeeding.

The feeding schedule and the number of nutrients vary in every growth stage. Be wise to pick the brand of nutrients that you can trust.