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Purple Strawberry Sherbert

Purple Strawberry Sherbert

Crossing the Purple Strawberry Bliss and the Sunset Sherbert S1 by the Pheno Finder Seeds is the origin of this bud. This leans more on the Sativa side, and this hybrid garnered the second place in the year 2018’s contest which is the Sativa High Time 2018. The trichomes this has been in a blast quantity, giving you also the crystal color of it.

Flavor and Effects of Purple Strawberry Sherbert

Purple Strawberry Sherbert strain hits you the strawberry flavor note. The trippy buzzes will make your facial muscles move. It will also be that sensation where you feel happy even from the cliché jokes. The high makes your appetite better.

Medical Benefits of Purple Strawberry Sherbert

You need to finish the tasks before using this bud as it may make you lethargic which hinders you to do things. At the same time, it fills you with good moods, and anxiety and depression will be out. This bud can also be the answer for your muscle fits.

Negative Effects of Purple Strawberry Sherbert

Dry eyes with dry mouth and dizziness are those normal or typical reactions that you can experience from using marijuana. The dizziness may not always come as this mostly happens when you are not familiar with the potency of this cannabis.

Growing Purple Strawberry Sherbert

This bud can be grown indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse. If you want to keep the yields in a high manner, you should grow this in a place where there are no pests, mildews, molds, and spider mites that can infiltrate. Also, the constant dry room must be present.