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Purple Star Killer

Purple Star Killer

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Star Killer cannabis is an indica-dominant hybrid, a cross between a Rare Dankness # 2 male and Skywalker OG ( Mazar x Blueberry OG). Star Killer strain is a Best Hybrid Flower winner at the Colorado Cannabis Cup 2016. Here are some few awards the strain brings: 2016 THC Championship: 1st place in medical hybrid, 2016 Cannabis Cup: 1st place in hybrid, 2015 THC Championship: 1st place, and overall champion, 2015 Rooster Colorado Cup: grand champion, and 2014 THC Championship: 1st place in hybrid.

The genes from Skywalker are on show here, as it has small yet fuzzy green buds from the trees. You can even get traces of blue along with wispy orange hair when you look closely. Once the crop is ready for harvest, you’ll be fascinated by the trichomes that shine like a chandelier. It is a hard-hitting cannabis plant with an insanely high level of THC and is not the best option for daytime use.

Flavor and Effects of Star Killer

Star Killer is a strain that brings killer touches of flavor in pine and lemon undertones. The heavy effect strikes you hard in the head with a stoney feeling that comes with dark droopy eyes and emotional haziness. The buzzy sensation travels slowly across your body in a spreading way before it takes hold of you completely and leaves you sedated and couch-locked. You will be softly lulled into a dark and quiet sleep as the high remains that you can not be quickly awakened from.

Medical Benefits of Star Killer

If you have insomnia or you need to sleep at the end of a long day, this is your marijuana type perfect choice. It has sedative properties that can put you to bed. It is also why, to medical cannabis patients, it is one of the main varieties. The numbing properties are beneficial in the management of inflammation, as it is good for pain relief. It can help to reduce stress and make it easier to treat depression in so far as using the strain on mental health disorders.

Negative Effects of Star Killer

This strain will make you feel experience dryness of the mouth and eyes. If you are predisposed to anxiety or paranoia using this strain regularly can worsen these feelings.

Growing Star Killer

Cultivating Star Killer can be indoors or outdoors. It’s best to keep the temperature during the day around 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. This grows well outdoors in a Mediterranean environment, although indoor growers have to closely track their lighting. Star Killer produces large and dense buds so growers must put this in a more spacey room.

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