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Purple Power

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Purple Power, a Sativa dominant strain, is perfect for daylight use both for recreation, medicinal, and increased creativity. This potent strain is a product of crossing Skunk #1 and Dutch Dope, which causes its skunky flavor upon smoking. With a secure and instant buzzing effect, Purple Power is an excellent choice for those who look for strains with a high depth of relaxation in every use. This 1998 winner of High Times Cannabis Cups, does not just provide a great kick of energy but when it comes to relieving pain, insomnia, anxiety, stress, and even depression, you can name it all, Purple Power is a great choice.

With its high THC content, this strain is more than an energy booster; it is also good for muscle cramps. Its sweet and skunky flavor gives you a candy-like aroma, which makes an excellent substitute for relieving pain.

Flavor and Effects of Purple Power

Purple Power has a great number of flavors ranging from sweet to lemon. Though it has skunky flavors too from its parent strain, it also provides candy punch in every use. This strain gives a mind pleasing effect which suited both in recreation and even in working conditions. Purple Power offers an energizing effect with an added buzz in every use.

Medical Benefits of Purple Power

While most marijuana strains will help subdue stress, Purple Power is able to do that too. However, what makes this strain quite unique is the fact that its high potency helps people suffering from muscle cramps, relieving its pain while enjoying its relaxing effect. Its energy-boosting ability also helps those who suffer from fatigue, insomnia, and depression. Purple Power, as its name has a quiet power implication, increases one’s appetite as well.

Negative Effects of Purple Power

Upon using this strain, you might need to have a pitcher on your side since it will dry your throat. It is recommended to drink an ample amount of water before the consumption of Purple Power. Just like any other strain, feeling dizzy is also one of the effects of using the Purple Power strain.

Growing Purple Power

Outdoor and greenhouse growing is the growing technique Purple Power likes to have. These types of marijuana cultivation promise a high yield of Purple Power. While many growers preferred indoor growing for several reasons, growing indoor with Purple Power is not impossible too. However, growers are advised to seriously take care of the weed plant since it might become unpredictable sometimes. What is great about this strain is the fact that it also grows even in a cool environment. With an experienced grower, the outdoor cultivation of Purple Power produces as much as twice compared to indoor growing.