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Purple Persuasion

Purple Persuasion

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Purple Persuasion hybrid leans more on the Indica side and gives you the sour lemon, earthy, and berry notes in the aroma. Crossing the Pink Dream with the Pink Lemon Aid is the hereditary genes of this bud. This has an evenly balanced impact despite this has more Indica components. Purple nugs will match well with the orange hairs this has.

Flavor and Effects of Purple Persuasion

You will be persuaded to take more on this bud as this has the sour, berry, sweet, fruity, and citrus flavors. Your negative thoughts will be modified and you will be given a profound joy. It effectively hits you with physical buzzes that encourage you to do things by manual works.

Medical Benefits of Purple Persuasion

Assistance over the body and mental problems will be given by this bud. It provides healing measurements that will save you from feeling pain like muscle fits and inflammations. Also, this cures depression and anxiety. Your night will grow as this takes away insomnia.

Negative Effects of Purple Persuasion

Parchedness or the dry mouth and irritated eyes occur when you take this weed. It may turn into a nuisance feeling sometimes, and if this happens, it would activate the jittery-like feeling. In order to not activate this, use it wisely, or be careful on your portions.

Growing Purple Persuasion

You may need the Mediterranean climate in the growing room as this bud responds well to it. The adjustable factors on the lighting, humidity, and temperature will fit the needs of this plant in every growing phase. The growing place can be indoors or outdoors.