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Purple Passion

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It is a mild Indica dominant strain from Southern Humboldt Seeds Collective. It’s a blend of Purple Urkle, Grape Ape, and GDP. It does well in igniting someone’s creative side, but the body high sensation will suit experienced consumers. It smells like fruity candy, but the taste may be harsh for some people. This weed is recommended for recreational use in the evening and at night.

It produces sticky nugs in the shade of dark purple and grape-shaped. It also has medical benefits too, but novice users should opt for vaporizers so it can treat their health conditions.

Flavor and Effects of Purple Passion

It has an intense flavor made of candy with sweet grape flavor, and it can be harsh to the throat. It’s accented with tinges of floral and berries. The high of this strain begins with mild euphoria. It makes the users feel happy in a calm disposition with an active mind and body. Then warm waves spread all over your body.

The numbing effect will set in together with a tingly sensation. The high continues as it takes the consumers to sleepiness, and hunger will also hit your feeling. So make sure to have munchies beside you while taking this strain. It may also cause a couch-lock state.

Medical Benefits of Purple Passion

It can handle various health conditions. It is commonly given to people who are suffering from mental disorders like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and stress. Their mood will be uplifted, and they will feel relaxed at the same time. It can soothe pain and aches, which can be temporary and chronic.

It can provide good quality and quantity of sleep, so it’s given to individuals who struggle against insomnia. It is capable of treating any gastrointestinal issues so it can alleviate nausea, appetite loss, anorexia, cachexia, and other eating disorders.

Negative Effects of Purple Passion

It can display dryness to the eyes and mouth of its users. These are minor and common side effects of smoking marijuana. They can be easily prevented by hydration. Drowsiness may be experienced when you need to go back and forth for numerous tasks. It’s best to take this strain when your schedule is not full.

Growing Purple Passion

This weed can thrive with outdoor and indoor cultivation. Although it’s fine to allow beginners to handle this plant, it’s recommended for intermediate growers. Cultivators are encouraged to have it indoors with the hydroponic system. It’s not only for being discrete, but you can control growth needs and follow the modern method for quality harvest.

You can also plant it in the classic soil medium and grow it organically with compost. It can be raised in a greenhouse too. It prefers warm temperature when it is located outdoors.