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Purple Octopus

Purple Octopus

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From the Full Spec Genetics, the auto-flowering Purple Octopus hybrid comes from. Through some backcross of the Purple Auto AK-47 lines and some genes from the Auto AK-47 this made off, or this may be from the Deep Sea Creature IBL hybrid. The colors of the leaves are in violet hues with also the green notes.

Flavor and Effects of Purple Octopus

Purple Octopus cannabis strain has the skunk and hash flavor undertones. The trippy buzzes will clear the mindset and expands your happiness. It likewise triggers emotional aspects that will be in an organized manner. Use this on free time as couch-lock possibly happen.

Medical Benefits of Purple Octopus

You will feel that the night is long and calm as this cannabis strain keeps anxiety and depression away from you. It will give you the lighted feeling as chronic pain, and muscle cramps are kicked out. You will be craving for more meal as this stimulates appetite.

Negative Effects of Purple Octopus

A dryness feeling will prompt in the mouth and eyes. Henceforth, this automatically happens when you take cannabis. If you don’t want to feel this or lower this case, then you need to drink more water. Utilizing eye drop is also good, but make sure you are not allergic to it.

Growing Purple Octopus

This bud requires training as it goes well on it. Growing this cannabis strain can be indoors or outdoors. Henceforth, it must not be in a place where frost always happens or on cold climates. The best temperature would be the warm type.