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Purple Mtn Majesty

The Purple Mtn Majesty is a hybrid distinct for its very wide growth pattern that smells like turpentine and pines. It is a phenotype unlocked by Humboldt Seed Company who combined the strains of Trainwreck and Blueberry Muffin.

Flavor and Effects of Purple Mtn Majesty

The taste of the strain is one of its distinguishing traits.  There are strawberry cough undertones that also have notes of pines and orange. There is also a noticeable pungent skunk.

It also gives a pleasant and calming sensation that is to be expected from an Indica-dominant hybrid.  It can soothe nerves and relax the thought of the user.

Medical Benefits of Purple Mtn Majesty

The calming effects of this breed allow it to help those who have anxiety disorders and severe insomnia. It can also help those who are dealing with stress and minor pains on the body.

Negative Effects of Purple Mtn Majesty

Some adverse reactions from smoking the strain include dry eyes, dry mouth, and some coughing. It may also cause headaches to some as experiences could vary from user to user.

Growing Purple Mtn Majesty 

It is best grown outdoors or in a greenhouse where it can be free to flourish widely. Make sure there is an abundance of space because the strain is quick to fill up your garden space.

Pruning is advised to concentrate its growth to certain boundaries. A boon for growers is that this variety is extremely resistant to powdery mildew and rotting buds.

Overall, the Purple Mtn Majesty is relatively easy to grow and it takes almost whatever you give it.

Best Place To Buy Purple Mtn Majesty

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