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Purple Monkey Balls

Purple Monkey Balls

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It’s a strain known and liked for boosting someone’s creativity. Its lineage seems so blurry as many speculations have risen. Some said that this Indica dominant hybrid strain is from Northern Californian purple strain or Mendo Purps. Others think that it’s from Granddaddy Purple or an Indica from Afghanistan. But its appearance follows its name as it has large, purple, spherical buds.

This hybrid beauty looks like Granddaddy, but it has a different odor. It brings calmness to both body and mind, so it’s a popular medical strain. It’s recommended to take this in the evening to get health benefits from it. While recreational users take advantage of its uplifting characteristic.

Flavor and Effects of Purple Monkey Balls

It has a complex flavor as it is a blend of unique dankness and grapes. The inhale will let you detect sweet berries while exhale leaves a woody aftertaste. The first part of its effects is putting consumers on sedation so they can simply relax without worries and emotional baggage. You will feel like you’re soaring as your mood is enhanced too.

Then you will feel tingly all over. You will be in the state of euphoria and let the high invigorates you. Social skills and creativity are both heightened.

Medical Benefits of Purple Monkey Balls

It is a delicious treat for medical marijuana patients. People who have cancer use this strain to fight the side effects of chemotherapy. These treatments and medications cause nausea, so this weed can stop this from happening. Cancer patients need to maintain a healthy diet. There are underweight people who consume this strain for the purpose of gaining more kilos.

It can provide relief for those who suffer from pain and ache. It can handle chronic pain as well as inflammation. It gets rid of insomnia as it provides deep, quality sleep. It can also lower the levels of stress and other mental conditions.

Negative Effects of Purple Monkey Balls

It will leave users with dry mouth and dry, itchy eyes. Hydration is the key to block these side effects. If you can’t handle a high dose, you can possibly have anxiety and paranoia. It’s best to stick to the amount that you can handle.

Growing Purple Monkey Balls

It is a strain that can be handled by both beginners and experienced growers. It can flourish both indoors and outdoors. You need to secure the right set of equipment for indoor plantation like ventilation and lighting system. It should be done with its flowering time around the second week of October when you plant it outside. At that time, you will be able to harvest the buds.

The plants should stay dry and be kept away from frost.

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