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Purple Martian Kush

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Purple Martian Kush is an indica-predominant cross between Purple Kush, Blackberry Kush, and Martian Mean Green. Purple Martian Kush, as the name recommends, is basically a purple bud, yet various harvests have created plants that change in shading from olive to violet. The trichome coat on these buds is frequently so thick that it would seem that ice or snow on your blooms.

Flavor and Effects of Purple Martian Kush

Purple Martian Kush has a scrumptiously zesty flavor with traces of rich berries and grapes, and a smooth fruity breathe out. The Purple Martian Kush high is one of full-bodied power that influences both personality and body with supernatural quality.

A tingly rapture hits you first, gradually lifting your brain into foggy satisfaction while injecting your body with a substantial sentiment of excitement. As you develop hornier, this shiver will blur into a desensitizing body buzz that is profoundly unwinding and can make you drowsy now and again.

Medical Benefits of Purple Martian Kush

With its high THC level, Purple Martian Kush is perfect for treating conditions such as muscle spasms, chronic stress, nausea, and insomnia.

Negative Effects of Purple Martian Kush

Like the usual cannabis effect, Purple Martian Kush, gives you dry mouth and eyes, headache and dizziness

Growing Purple Martian Kush

In light of its strength, developing Purple Martian Kush can transform into a fun encounter for some first-time cultivators. As such, it is an incredible decision for tenderfoots hoping to set aside cash by developing the plant outside. All things considered, there are numerous cultivators that lean toward developing a bunch inside for included assurance against pests and temperature changes.