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Purple Kush #1

Purple Kush #1, introduced by Breeders Choice Organization in 2009, is an excellent strain that gives off an aroma of pines and pungent skunk undertones.

Its parental strains are the Purple Haze and the Purple Chitrali #1. The Purple Kush #1 inherits the primary characteristics of Purples from both its ancestors.

Flavor and Effects of Purple Kush #1

Its complex and earthy flavors can be likened to deep and well-aged Burgundy wine. You would also notice  some pine lingering on your taste buds.

A good inhale of this earthy stuff takes no time for it to hit. Like many Purples, it can cause you to feel relaxation, sleepiness, euphoria and hunger.

Medical Benefits of Purple Kush #1

Some medical uses of the cannabis strain is that it is used in conjunction with treatments for patients with ADHD, depression and anxiety.

Purple Kush #1 is also good for dispelling stress and relieving chronic pain.

Negative Effects of Purple Kush #1

The THC is quite heavy in this strain, thus it is expected that it could be dehydrating and cause you to have dry mouth and dry eyes. None too severe as long as the potent strain is not taken in large amounts.

There may be a few who would feel some paranoia and dizziness during the buzz.

Growing Purple Kush #1 

Do check in with your local breeder to meet the right growing conditions for your crop.

Like many strains, this one also calls for some pruning during the vegetative stage. This allows you to get a few, large buds rather than plenty of small ones.

Best Place To Buy Purple Kush #1

Exceptional (9.7)
Excelent (9.5)
Excelent (9.5)
Excelent (9.5)
Excelent (9.5)

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