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Purple Jar

Purple Jar

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A cloned variety by the Canna Farm, the Purple Jar is a hybrid that gives a really earthy smell with pungent skunk.

The strain is mainly used for breeding projects. It is a cross between two primarily Indica hybrids: Wonder Woman and Grape Ape.

Flavor and Effects of Purple Jar

The flavor of Purple Jar can be likened to licorice candy that is well hidden beneath its strong and earthy taste.

The Purple Jar can be relaxing and euphoric to the users. The effects are mostly cerebral but physical relaxation of muscles are there as well.

Medical Benefits of Purple Jar

The Purple Jar is not widely used medicinally. Nonetheless, its properties can also aid in relaxing muscles, easing pain, soothing anxiety and help insomniacs to sleep.

It may be used by those who could be experience chronic pain, mild depression and acute anxiety.

Negative Effects of Purple Jar

The strain, when used in larger quantities, could be drying to both the eyes and mouth. It can also lead to dizzy spells and headaches.

Acute paranoia is also a possibility when Purple Jar is taken in large amounts.

Growing Purple Jar

The Purple Jar is a cloned-only variety. This means that there are no seeds to grow the foliage from. Rather,

Taking care of the plant requires keeping them in warm and dry conditions. Too much humidity could cause the buds to rot. It is best to consult a local cannabis breeder to provide the strain the best living conditions.

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