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Purple Evolution

Purple Evolution is a Ruderalis, Indica, and Sativa variety from DutchBreed. It can be planted indoors where the flowering time is 60 days and outdoors. This is a THC dominant variety and it cannot be obtained as feminized seeds. 

Moreover, this plant is a mixture of Skunk #1 and Lowryder. It was derived from Afghanistan, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, and Thailand. Most importantly, it is commonly used for relaxation, treatment of depression, and for those who have eating disorders.

 Type: Mostly Indica

 Flavor and Effects of Purple Evolution

This weed lineage has multiple flavors such as Fruity, Spicy, Earthy, Sour, and Piney Flavor that sometimes lead to confusion. As soon as you start using it you will feel calm, creative, numb, appetite gain, pain relief, and euphoria. You will sense a highly relaxed once you follow the correct usage of Purple Evolution.

Medical Benefits of Purple Evolution

This cannabis is used in the medical field for depression, pain, insomnia, anxiety, and nausea. Being a medicinal plant, it can also help with mood disorders and can aid problems such as chronic pain, fatigue, and migraines. It can likewise be beneficial for those who have eating disorders because taking this medicine can boost your appetite. 

Negative Effects of Purple Evolution

Not observing the right amount of usage can lead to anxiety and dry mouth. The common side effects of Purple Evolution are cottonmouth and dry eyes. 

Growing Purple Evolution Some information and Tips

It is originally planted indoors that have balanced warm temperature but now, it can also be planted outdoors as long as the temperature is monitored. It is highly recommended to plant indoors. 

Best Place To Buy Purple Evolution

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