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Purple Errl

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 Purple Errl is a variety from riot seeds which is Indica and Sativa that can be planted indoors with the flowering time of 74 days and outdoors. It is a THC dominant variety and cannot be obtained as feminized seeds.

Surely, it has a soothing and gentle suggestive of a cold winter’s day that offers relaxation and free from worries. At the same time, it is incredibly relaxing that you will find yourself wrapped in a blanket. 

Flavor and Effects of Purple Errl 

It has a strong fruity aroma which can lead you to think that the flavor is fruity but the actual flavor is candy flavor. Also, it has a peppery, candy flavor with relaxing and cerebral effects. 

This marijuana breed can ease your mind and wrap up a whole day leaving you relaxed. And, it is all about settling in and taking things slow. It is the best for unwinding and would not recommend if you have a lot of tasks ahead of you.

Medical Benefits of Purple Errl

The said awesome breed has a very strong calming power that is used for medical problems such as muscle pain, stress, nausea, sleeping, and eating disorder. It is highly recommended for stress because it helps you calm and helps you take away all your stress for a while.

Negative Effects of Purple Errl

Overuse of this plant can lead to dry mouth, dry eyes, paranoia, dizziness, and headaches. 

Growing Purple Eclipse Some information and Tips

Growing Purple Eclipse requires the right amount of sunlight and photosynthesis. It is also best if you check the right temperature for your plants and change it if needed.


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