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Purple Dosi Punch

Purple Dosi Punch is a variety from Grower’s Choice which is mostly Sativa. It can be cultivated indoors (where the flowering time could be 60 days) and outdoors. It is a THC dominant variety and can only be obtained as feminized seeds.

Flavor and Effects of Purple Dosi Punch

This weed strain has multiple fruity flavors like a grape that is nutty and sweet with the effects of a body high, happiness, sleepiness, and it can also be relaxing.

Medical Benefits of Purple Dosi Punch

According to consumer reviews, it may relieve Anxiety, Chronic Pain, Depression, Insomnia, and Stress. It can also reduce nausea and minor body aches. Famous for its balanced medical effects, it is renowned among lots of patients and cannabis enthusiasts.

Negative Effects of Purple Dosi Punch

This marijuana plant may cause cottonmouth and dry eyes or even intense sleepiness. It can leave you fully immovable for hours. 

Furthermore, it can lead to dry mouth and dry hands due to overdose because of its high THC level.

Growing Purple Dosi Punch Some Information and Tips

The said cannabis stands out even without enough nutrients but still have balanced growth. It is extremely vigorous from its 3rd week of life onwards. 

On its 2-3 weeks after seed germination, it is highly recommended to provide it with a short vegetative phase. Growing it from a clone can start its flowering as soon as you have planted it. Lastly, it has a very short flowering period, between 50-60 days













Best Place To Buy Purple Dosi Punch

Exceptional (9.7)
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