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Purple Condor Auto

Purple Condor Auto

Purple Condor Auto is an enormous variety of auto-flowering strain, with buds in pink to deep purple hues and made up out of Indica and Sativa genetics, with Ruderalis for parents.

This THC dominant variety is made possible through the effort of Paisa Grow Seeds and it is highly recommended for therapeutic and relaxing purposes.

Flavor and Effects of the Purple Condor Auto

Its flavor is mostly of sweet fruity grape and berry, with a bit of a liquor- like an aroma which undeniably has a mild cerebral effect that is perfect for mental and physical relaxation.

Testimonies from several users say that this weed’s aftereffect can last long for up to two hours. So, better prepare for some mind buzz!

Medical Benefits of the Purple Condor Auto

This marijuana lineage is not only known for its therapeutic ideals but also in the medicinal field as well. Also, people with emotional and mental distress are well treated and helped by this strain, so as those who suffer from joints and muscle pains.

Besides, if you are dealing with difficulty in shutting your eyes especially at night, you may try using this, as this will urge you to go to your bed and bring you in a deep sleep.

What are the Negative Effects of Purple Condor Auto

Similar to any other strains, it can give some strong kicks in higher doses. This might make you dizzy for a couple of minutes and induce coughing.

Moreover, since this strain can immobilize your body, it is not advised to be used during the daytime particularly if you have a list- to do — that needs to be accomplished right away.

Growing Purple Condor Auto

This wonder cannabis is well-loved by the cannabis connoisseur because it can be fostered both indoors and outdoor settings, not to mention that it is a fast-growing plant that does not require too much effort.

Although it can also flourish inside your homes, Purple Condor Auto can yield up to 200g outdoors. Overall, its flowering period is between 8- 11 weeks.

Best Place To Buy Purple Condor Auto

Exceptional (9.7)


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Excelent (9.5)

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