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Purple Cheesel

Purple Cheesel is an autoflowering, indica dominant strain cultivated by Auto Seeds with wonderful flavors that can make anyone who tries it become happy for long periods.

Flavor and Effects of Purple Cheesel

The flavors of this cannabis strain are Cheesy, Candy, Sweet, Fruity, and Tea. These flavors are accompanied by a pungent aroma that can be very attractive. Altogether, it has the ability to make users become happy, the kind of bliss that lingers around for hours.

It relaxes the user’s body, which leads to sleepiness later on. As you ascend to an uplifting type of euphoric high, your ability to focus is intensified. 

Medical Benefits of Purple Cheesel

This strain is great in treating stress and body pains. The fact that it takes you into a state of euphoric high eases your stress away. As it uplifts your mind, it also relaxes your body, helping you get rid of physical pains.

Those who suffer from depression and insomnia also find relief in this strain. It makes the user happy and contains narcotic properties that help insomniac patients fall asleep. Sometimes, it can also be used as an appetite booster for those with eating disorders.

Negative Effects of Purple Cheesel

The strain may promote laziness as you feel your body enters a full relaxation mode, not suitable for daytime usage. More commonly, this strain can cause headaches, as well as dry eyes and mouth, which leads to dehydration. Rarely, this strain can also trigger paranoia.

Growing Purple Cheesel 

This strain is a strong hybrid that can be grown under any environment. Being a short plant that inherited its parental strain’s small height, it does not demand a lot of space for growth. Though it can grow taller outdoors, it can be controlled with proper maintenance.

Best Place To Buy Purple Cheesel

Exceptional (9.7)
Excelent (9.5)
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Excelent (9.5)

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